The solution to climate change is widely accepted and has been known for the last 30 years.

Carbon Stored is here to deliver it.

Carbon Stored helps you calculate your carbon footprint in real-time and allows you to invest your footprint cost via our 3 planet friendly investment options.

How it works:

Both scientists and economists agree that the solution to climate change is ensuring emitters pay for the carbon they emit - but governments can't and won't implement it.

Carbon Stored helps consumers and businesses deliver the solution instead.

We help you make a truly meaningful contribution to climate change by calculating your carbon footprint and enabling you to invest the cost of that footprint in climate solutions for the long-term benefit of your kids, the planet and your own finances.

  • Simple calculation: We calculate your carbon footprint in real time, using our clever technology and tell you the carbon "cost" of your footprint.

  • Ease of choice: You allocate the cost across Carbon Stored's 3 products (Grow, Build, Solve) where you'd like your carbon costs to be invested.

  • Big impact: We use those funds to solve climate change by growing the impact of Carbon Stored's ecosystem and, over time, make you money.

3 planet-friendly investment options

You decide how to invest your carbon footprint.
Build, Solve or Grow, or split it across all 3!


Low risk, long-term stable gains.

By investing in Green Infrastructure (i.e. wind farm construction) you are furthering solutions that already support the transition away from fossil fuel dependency.

Green Infrastructure offers much better rates of interest than savings accounts, but these returns are usually inaccessible to consumers.

Build circumvents this to deliver a win-win by reducing the costs for new infrastructure and giving you a much better return through bank busting interest rates.


Medium risk, long-term impact.

Invest in game changing R&D, new and novel climate technology (like Direct Air Capture that sucks CO2 out of the atmosphere), and more risky early stage green infrastructure development (like Solar and Battery Storage development).

In addition to "investments", the Solve fund has the ability to drive emissions costs into supply chains, which means you are rewarded every time we persuade retailers (such as supermarkets and airlines) to take on their own carbon costs.


Highest risk, short-term impact.

By investing in the Carbon Stored platform you are buying into the vision of the company and receive shares in Carbon Stored.

We need to scale our ecosystem as quickly as possible. We have new products to build, fellow consumers to onboard, and businesses to engage.

Grow supports us in delivering our vision - placing the cost of emissions, where they're emitted in order to solve climate change.